Crimson Moon Farm - Farm name
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About Us

  • the barn at Crimson Moon Farm

    The Farm

    Crimson Moon Farm was started in the fall of 2015 when we bought this property and brought our alpacas from Colorado to Ohio. From there we have grown into a year-round multi-system farm providing eggs, poultry and fiber products to our members throughout central Ohio.

    We believe in working with the land and the animals to improve the quality of both. Healthy pastures make great places to raise happy, healthy animals.

  • Ashley - Crimson Moon Farm's General Manager and animal specialist


    After moving from Colorado, Ashley completed her degree in animal science at The Ohio State University. Her main role on the farm is the day-to-day chores and looking out for the welfare of the animals. Whether it is just feeding and watering or patching up injuries and administering medications, Ashley is the one the animals love to see coming their way.

  • Tyler - Crimson Moon Farm's heavy stuff mover


    Tyler works a fulltime job as an airline captain so his job on the farm is mostly to do what Ashley tells him and to move heavy stuff.

  • Alpacas - Crimson Moon Farm's fluffy yard ornaments

    The alpacas

    Six of our alpacas came from the ranch we lived on in Colorado. There were over 100 alpacas right outside our back windows. We have raised another 3 which were born right here on our farm. They are shorn once per year and provide us with a wide variety of colors.

  • The hens in the yard at Crimson Moon Farm

    The Hens

    Our hens live in a large coop we use to shelter them at night. They spend their days free-ranging around the property looking for bugs and seeds to eat. We have many different breeds that provide a wide range of egg colors.

  • Meat birds on fresh grass at Crimson Moon Farm

    The meat birds

    Our meat birds live in chicken tractors out on the pasture. Click Here to see what a chicken tractor is and how we use it. They are moved to fresh grass everyday. We use a special breed called Freedom Ranger which is well suited to living out on the pastures and produces a rich flavorful meat.

  • Nitro - Crimson Moon Farm's head of security

    The dog

    Nitro is our head of security. He came to us 3 months after we bought the farm. He was looking for work and a change of scenery. His background was in small scale residential security, but he was ready for a new challange.