Crimson Moon Farm - Farm name
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Crimson Moon Farm Products

Crimson Moon Farm pastured Poultry Products on the grill

We have a variety of meat products available, from whole chickens and turkeys to various chicken parts.

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Crimson Moon Farm fresh eggs

Our hens run all over our property eating everything they need to make rich nutritious eggs with beautiful colors.

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Crimson Moon Farm Fleece pruducts needle felted alpacas

Our alpaca fleece comes in many natural colors. We also have needle felted animals, dryer balls, and nesting material for wild birds.

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Wooden cake knives from the Crimson Moon Farm woodshop
Wood Works

We have various products that come out of the farm wood shop. From cake knives, to tables, to kids toys, you never know what you'll find.

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Crimson Moon Farm tote and koozie
CMF Branded Items

We have an ever changing variety of other items such as shopping totes, Koozies and t-shirts.

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Sassy's Elderboost logo and bottles
Sassy's Elderboost

This is an elderberry syrup made by a farm just up the road from us. We love this stuff so much we made it available with our deliveries.

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