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Poultry Products

We have frozen whole and parted chickens available year-round. We also have a limited number of whole fresh turkeys available for Thanksgiving.


Crimson Moon Farm spatchcock chicken

Our chickens are Freedom Rangers, a breed with the ability to grow quickly, but also the strength and hardiness to live out in the pastures. Because they have a diverse diet in a more natural environment, they produce a rich juicy meat and delicious deep yellow fat. They are unlike any chicken you have ever gotten from a grocery store. Whole chickens are usually 4.5-6 pounds making them a bit larger than most commercial chickens.

Our parted chicken is packaged as 2 breast packs, 2 leg quarter packs and wings packs that are around 1.5 pounds. We also have chicken feet available by special request.

Click Here to find out what we currently have available and to place an order for our next delivery.


Crimson Moon Farm spatchcock chicken

We raise turkeys which are timed to be processed and delivered fresh a couple days before Thanksgiving so you don't have to worry about thawing a frozen turkey. Our turkeys are raised out on pasture like our chickens, but with a larger open shelter. Our turkeys weigh between 10-18lbs.

Click Here to send us a message before July that you would like to reserve a turkey for Thanksgiving.