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Kicked In The Head

Our Spring update about what we have going on at the farm.

Karen Z's Spatchcock Chicken

Karen Z joins us to show how to make her famous spatchcock chicken.

It's Over!

Here is another silly video showing some of our changes over the last year.

What do you do with a whole chicken

We get asked often about how to prepare and use a whole chicken. Here is our answer.

Come get Farm Fit at Crimson Moon Farm!

This was a silly video we did about opening a fitness club on the farm to get people out of the gym.

Healing fields with pastured poultry.

In this video we show some of the benefits of running our meat birds out on the pasture. The soil gets healed and the grass comes up very strong and lush.

New egg layers.

In this video Tyler talks about some of the very odd eggs that can be produced, especially by young hens who are just beginning to lay eggs.

Out with the old and in with the new.

In this video Ashley shows the progress of this years baby chicks and our process for moving the out of the brooder and in with the adult hens.

Spring chicks 2020.

Ashley talks about our system for bringing new chicks home and caring for them during the first 6 weeks.

Crimson Moon Farm Cowboy Elixir.

Another silly video talking about Ashley's antidote to our WAY too effective anti-aging cream.

Crimson Moon Farm Anti-Aging Cream.

In our first silly video Tyler introduces you to his latest creation and shows the dramatic effect this product produces.

What is a chicken tractor.

Ashley shows off the details of our first design for our chicken tractors.