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Tikka Masala Chicken And Rice

Tikka Masala Chicken and Rice

This is another one of the many meals we make with leftover crock pot chicken. Simply put down a bed of rice and start adding the other ingredients. The sauce we use is from Kroger, but I have left a link below to an alternative from Amazon. The amounts we give here are for two servings.

Click Here for the Crock Pot Chicken video and go to the 6:24 mark.

Ingredient List

Equipment Needed

How To Prepare

Our rice cooker takes about an hour so we get that started early. You can always save time by using instant rice or even the 90 second microwave packs.

Next dice your bell pepper, half onion, and leek. Place them in your pan with some oil on medium heat to saute.

When you are done sautéing the veggies pour in the sauce.

Add the leftover chicken and stir.

Now put half the rice into a bowl. Cover with your chicken and Tikka sauce.

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